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Shungite Pyramid Polished 10x10 cm - EMF Protection Stone

Russian 100 % natural polished black shungite pyramid. 

Approximate size: 10 x 10  cm 

Weight: 650 gram average

Sourced and made in Russia

Shungite is a rare, ancient stone named after the place its found - Shun'ga, Karelia, in the northern region of Russia. Shungite consists of mostly carbon. 

Shungite is known for its powerful ability to protect against electromagnetic fields (EMF) from computers, Wi-Fi router, phones, and other electrical devices. We are using Shungite for EMF - protection, even though shungite are used for many other good purposes. 

Wear Shungite as jewelry, place shungite near your body, on your desk, next to your computer and phone or other sources of the EMF.

Shungite can stain due to the carbon nature. Black shungite residue washes off your skin easily with soap and water. Shungite should not be exposed to water because it is a soft stone and will dissolve. You shoud therefore remove shungite jewelry when taking a shower and swimming.

Price pr pyramid

The piece you receive may not be exactly as pictured because each piece is unique.

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Shungite Pyramid Polished 10x10 cm - EMF Protection Stone