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Mini Blue Kyanite Blades - EMF Protection Stone

Natural blue kyanite crystal blades.

Approximate size: 3-5 cm long

Weight: 3-6 gram average

Origin: Brazil

Kyanite is an aluminium silicate mineral, generally occuring as bladed crystal. Kyanite got its name from the Greek term cyanos ("blue").

The energy of Blue Kyanite is Chakra balancer, Communication. Kyanite is believed to facilitate meditation. It is said that Kyanite never needs to be cleansed of negative energies, because it cannot accumulate or retain them.

Kyanite is known for its ability to protect against electromagnetic fields (EMF) from computers, Wi-Fi router, phones, and other electrical devices. 

We are using Kyanite for EMF-protection, even though Kyanite are used for many other good purposes. 

Place Kyanite near your body, on your desk, next to your computer and phone or EMF sources.

Price pr stone.

The piece you receive may not be exactly as pictured because each piece is unique.

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Mini Blue Kyanite Blades - EMF Protection Stone